Well hi there, I'm Cecilia!


I am a midwest girl through and through, chasing sunflowers or sunsets with chick-fil-a and a vanilla Dr. Pepper from QT in hand! I'm a girl mama to three of the sassiest girls you'll ever met, and wife to the funniest man in the world. I'm a part time adventurer and thrill seeker; part time couch potato. I love visiting new places and roller coasters are my jam, but I'm always down to curl up and watch Disney movies or a good rom-com. As long as snacks are involved I am THERE! I talk in movie/show quotes - be prepared for A LOT of The Office, New Girl, and Schitt's Creek references!

I'm all about supporting and lifting up those around me! There is enough negativity in this world and we want to see NONE of that in your photos. I want nothing but love and happiness to radiate from every session I photograph. If you're top priority is images that make you feel something.. warm and fuzzy, butterflies in your belly, or make your heart skip a beat.. I'm your gal ❤